Supplier Registration

Completion and submittal of your registration form does not guarantee opportunity or business with Baylor Scott & White Health.

Minimum Challenges

  • Ability to provide high quality services and products at competitive prices
  • Electronic data interchange capabilities
  • Financial stability (you may be asked to provide audited financial statements and a recent Dun & Bradstreet Supplier Evaluation report)
  • Ability to serve multiple companies
  • History of successful projects
  • Understanding of Baylor Scott & White business and practices
  • Compliance with OSHA
  • Not listed on the Lists of Parties Excluded from Federal Procurement and Non-Procurement Programs or such similar lists
  • Ethical business conduct

As a first step to becoming a potential supplier to Baylor Scott & White Health, click on the Supplier Registration link and complete the form.

  • It is imperative that all suppliers register online. This process initiates your interest in providing goods and services to Baylor Scott & White.
  • Registration provides an online directory for Baylor Scott & White sourcing functions that will expedite the review and evaluation of your products/services and capabilities.
  • Suppliers will be evaluated on information provided via registration process against opportunities that may exist or arise with Baylor Scott & White.
  • If services or products are not currently required, your company's information will remain in the database until such need develops.
  • We will also work with you to seek out new opportunities at Baylor Scott & White.
  • Although registration provides engagement in efficient communication with you and Baylor Scott & White regarding the evaluation process, your company will be ultimately responsible for pursuing opportunities within Baylor Scott & White.

For registration technical support, please contact our solution provider SciQuest, Inc.:

E-mail Address:
Phone Number: 1-800-233-1121